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78. Exam Week

Dear readers, This week is definitely THE MOST HECTIC WEEK of my life. I had 5 back to back exams from Monday to Friday. I had so much to study and revise and so little time. But I’m considering this semester as my trial semester and now I know how I should study and prepare for the next semester. So literally nothing happened apart from sleeping for like 2-3 hours of sleep, surviving on several cans of redbull and studying. It was a completely different experience because for all my… Read more 78. Exam Week

77. December’19

Dear Readers, It’s been a while since I have come online and blogged about my life. This whole year has been a lot shitty but I have learnt so much and I have accepted so much. And maybe since I am going to be done with 2019 soon and maybe because I do see a future and have plans for the future, I have started feeling a little positive and it’s making me a lot more excited that I have ever been this entire year. As far as blogging is… Read more 77. December’19

76. Update

Dear Readers, Today is the November 5th (Tuesday). After I recovered from my illness and went back to college, I had a mountain of work pending for me, with back to back exams. I was so stressed that I almost fell ill again. I had recurring fever every now and then, as well. I eventually managed to write all my exams and complete all my assignments on time. I did not write most of those papers as well as I wanted to. One paper in particular, I wrote horribly. But… Read more 76. Update

75. Health Scare

Dear Readers, I had the biggest health scare of my life this week. A major portion of my body’s skin had a yellow tint. After a few medications, immediate diet control and a few tests we found out that my body’s haemoglobin count is very low. I was extremely overwhelmed for major part of the week and I distracted myself by playing a lot games of Call Of Duty. On the bright side, I’m pretty good at shooting games. But otherwise, I was shiting bricks at home. Yesterday, I had… Read more 75. Health Scare

74. Two Months Later

Dear Readers, This blog, before it’s edits, actually turned out to be a rant about how overwhelming everything is in my life and how all I want to do is cry. But I deleted those words and rewrote the entire blog because honestly I don’t want to talk about those things that are affecting me. I am done with this negativity that my life revolves around right now. I also wanted to write this blog again because I want to make my life better and I want to avoid speaking… Read more 74. Two Months Later

73. Life’s Too Short, Make The Most Of It

Dear Readers, A lot of things happened in these last two weeks that I did not feel like blogging at all. Well, for many reasons, I didn’t go to the hostel. I was and still am devastated about that if I’m honest. I’ve been commuting from home daily. Classes haven’t really begun. In fact I don’t have a class room, so been whiling away time at the lake in the college or at KFC which is near the college, with my friends. It hasn’t been the first two productive weeks.… Read more 73. Life’s Too Short, Make The Most Of It

72. Mixed Feelings

Dear Readers, Today (2.07.2019) is the day something really good happened and also something really hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened happened. This is one among the reasons why I’ve named this blog Mixed Feelings. Let’s start with the hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened, because that’s how my mind functions and also, this way I can end the blog on a positive note. The hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened always screws up our mind badly in ways we cannot begin to fathom. The family member that I mentioned in my previous blog; has done something that cannot be put into words. I don’t… Read more 72. Mixed Feelings