About Me

Hello everyone! My pen-name is Realistic Beginner. I’m a 20-something writer/blogger – pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Psychology. I am finding it extremely hard to write my about page – but I’ll try my best!

Words that describe me? I’m intuitive, idealistic, compulsive, determined, organized, ambitious and introverted.

I love writing – duh! I love reading books, creating artworks, drawing mandalas and clicking aesthetically pleasing pictures. Calligraphy to me – is nothing short of meditation. I love playing video-games. I am a huge Potterhead. I love watching TV shows, youtube videos and movies. I love listening to music. I love stationery. I enjoy working out. I enjoy laughing – that proper belly-ache laugh with my friends and family.

I want to travel the world. I want to try to experience almost everything. I don’t ever want to stop trying to experience everything that this beautiful life has to offer.

I am always seeking inspiration, I’m always trying to do things better, and be a better human being. I hope to give my best for everything and to everyone I meet. I’m a true believer of equality, justice and healthy parenting.

My aim with this blog was initially to write my thoughts and feelings. But now, I want to make this blog a platform wherein I share my opinions and viewpoints on topics with regards to psychology, mental health, self-awareness and conscious living are introduced and discussed.