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Category: Personal Blogs

6. Scattered Thoughts

Dear readers, I can think of so many topics that I can write about. I just don’t know if I have anything concrete to say about them. And usually if I don’t have anything concrete to say, I don’t write. But, since I wanted to be consistent, I didn’t want to not write. So, I thought I’ll just write whatever comes to mind. I don’t think many people know this about me, but I respect people who are loyal, to their work, to their family, to the people around them.… Read more 6. Scattered Thoughts

5. Sorry

Before I begin, I want to thank each and every one of you for the love you have been showering on my blog recently. It means a lot. I’m glad to announce that we have crossed the ‘900 followers’ mark. Thank you all, once again. Dear readers, This week, as I am having a sip of my black coffee on my bed, next to the window, I thought I shall write about what the word ‘sorry‘ means and how we don’t mean it when we say sorry. And I won’t… Read more 5. Sorry

4. Great Mood

Dear readers, Recently, I have been in a great mood. I can’t say I don’t know how, because I do. I just made changes that were necessary which ended with me being confident, which eventually put me in a great mood. Like, I started detaching myself from people and things that brought negativity. I started concentrating more on my college work. Tried to remove the ‘My College is annoying’ attitude and tried to look at it from a different perspective. I also engaged in extra-curricular activities, a lot. And once… Read more 4. Great Mood

3. A Letter To That Friend

(Before I begin, I would like to thank you all for the love and support that you all have been so kindly showering on this blog. I would like to gladly announce that we have finally crossed the ‘800 followers’ goal. Thank you to each and every one of you.) Dear school best-friend, This letter is dedicated to to you, for you were the one who stole my heart away. You, yes you, were that friend without whom I couldn’t survive school. You were that friend, whom I could fan-girl… Read more 3. A Letter To That Friend

2. Happy Diwali

Dear readers, I am fully aware that I always post on Sunday’s but today is not a Sunday. Today’s 19th of October, 2017 (Thursday). I am also fully aware that I haven’t posted anything, in a while, and all I want to say is, thank you for reading and liking and following and commenting, even though I was not consistent. Why am I writing today? I am writing this post because, today is Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year around this time. It is one of the… Read more 2. Happy Diwali

1. Fresh Start

Dear Readers, Yes, I deleted all my blog posts. Why? I simple want a fresh start. I just learnt a lot about myself, that contradict the things I wrote. Yes, I know that learning new information and adapting to the information which may change your existing beliefs is a part of life, but I didn’t want a few things that I wrote when I was naive and gullible, to define me. This definitely does not mean that I won’t be naive anymore or gullible, for that matter, ever. It’s just… Read more 1. Fresh Start