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Category: Blogs #51-#100

60. Random Blog

Dear Readers, I was still recovering from fever, cold and cough but I had an amazing week, though it has it’s own ups and downs. I didn’t really do everything on the schedule that I wanted to do. I still managed to procrastinate a lot because though I wanted to do a lot of things, my body physically wasn’t able to do them. Don’t really have anything to talk about this week. I’m sacking off. I hope I can write something fun, next week. Thank you, all. Have a great… Read more 60. Random Blog

59. Scattered Thoughts #2

Dear readers, Nobody knows enough. Nobody knows everything. Nobody knows the answer to everything in life. Nobody definitely has learnt everything. If that were true, we would have solved so so many unsolved questions we’re in dire need of solving. People who act that they do are fooling nobody but themselves. Nobody should act like they know everything, because they don’t. I always felt threatened of people who showed that they knew it all, that they had it all. Turns out, after 20 years of fearing such people, I learnt… Read more 59. Scattered Thoughts #2

58. Negative Week

Dear readers, I haven’t really been doing justice to the blog. I am having trouble sicking to a schedule and if I’m not completing all the tasks in a said day, I think I’m worthless and I question my self-worth. This week, I had a lot of trouble with my own self. This whole week was me seeking gratification from others because I felt I wasn’t worthy enough. I even thought of stupid horrible things that I thought I’d gotten rid of a long back. But it all came back… Read more 58. Negative Week

57. Lazy Week

Dear Readers, This week I barely went to college. I went to college for 2/4 working days. I didn’t feel like I could bring myself to want to get up and get ready to go to college. It’s hugely monotonous. I went to the gym 1/6 days. It’s not like I did much at home. It’s not like I watched something fun. It’s not like I slept fully. This was an absolute waste of time week. But I’m not cribbing about it. I chose this. I wanted it to be… Read more 57. Lazy Week

56. Afraid: Not Knowing

Dear readers, This week regular classes for my last semester have begun. Things have already started piling up, I need to be on my toes already. I need to also figure out proper time slots and remain organised if I need to get everything done. Not really aiming for getting up at a particular time or sleeping at a particular time, but getting the daily things done is what the overall goal is going to be. This Sunday, I thought I shall speak about fear. Specifically, fear about things I… Read more 56. Afraid: Not Knowing

55. Last Semester Of Bachelors

Dear Readers, This week, I got done with my exams. Hopefully, I clear them all with no arrears. I went out for lunch immediately after my exams were done. One among those lunches wherein the food wasn’t mind-blowing but the company was. This whole week ended with me becoming so lazy so that I barely did anything worthwhile. No, I’m not complaining. Yes, I need to get better. This upcoming week, I will be entering my last semester of B.Sc. Psychology. I need to nail it, this semester. FOCUS. FOCUS.… Read more 55. Last Semester Of Bachelors

54. Lacking Assurance

Dear readers, I had two exams this week. I wrote one really really well and I wrote one so bad that I could possibly fail that paper. I truly hope that doesn’t happen and somehow I scrape through and not break my ‘no arrears’ streak. Let’s see what happens. I don’t know what it is with exams, I’ve never been able to fair well though I know all the concepts conceptually. I need to learn how to get better as it effects my overall score. Sometimes I feel like I’m… Read more 54. Lacking Assurance

53. All or Nothing: Manchester City

Dear readers, This week was considerably a lazy week even though I had one exam. I was supremely tensed for this exam but it went rather well. Again, I can’t disregard the tension, because this tension helped me study better. This weekend went rather really nice. I watched a docu-series on Manchester City (football club) called All or Nothing: Manchester City and I was absolutely mind-blown. Every minute of the episode wanted me to yearn for something better and bigger in my life. This series made me believe that if… Read more 53. All or Nothing: Manchester City