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Category: Blogs #51-#100

75. Health Scare

Dear Readers, I had the biggest health scare of my life this week. A major portion of my body’s skin had a yellow tint. After a few medications, immediate diet control and a few tests we found out that my body’s haemoglobin count is very low. I was extremely overwhelmed for major part of the week and I distracted myself by playing a lot games of Call Of Duty. On the bright side, I’m pretty good at shooting games. But otherwise, I was shiting bricks at home. Yesterday, I had… Read more 75. Health Scare

74. Two Months Later

Dear Readers, This blog, before it’s edits, actually turned out to be a rant about how overwhelming everything is in my life and how all I want to do is cry. But I deleted those words and rewrote the entire blog because honestly I don’t want to talk about those things that are affecting me. I am done with this negativity that my life revolves around right now. I also wanted to write this blog again because I want to make my life better and I want to avoid speaking… Read more 74. Two Months Later

73. Life’s Too Short, Make The Most Of It

Dear Readers, A lot of things happened in these last two weeks that I did not feel like blogging at all. Well, for many reasons, I didn’t go to the hostel. I was and still am devastated about that if I’m honest. I’ve been commuting from home daily. Classes haven’t really begun. In fact I don’t have a class room, so been whiling away time at the lake in the college or at KFC which is near the college, with my friends. It hasn’t been the first two productive weeks.… Read more 73. Life’s Too Short, Make The Most Of It

72. Mixed Feelings

Dear Readers, Today (2.07.2019) is the day something really good happened and also something really hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened happened. This is one among the reasons why I’ve named this blog Mixed Feelings. Let’s start with the hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened, because that’s how my mind functions and also, this way I can end the blog on a positive note. The hard-to-swallow-but-good-that-it-happened always screws up our mind badly in ways we cannot begin to fathom. The family member that I mentioned in my previous blog; has done something that cannot be put into words. I don’t… Read more 72. Mixed Feelings

71. Weekly Update

Dear Readers, There nothing much that happened this week. I was lazing around. Sometimes cleaning. I did go out for like 3 days of the week. In the evenings, my mother and I would try stepping out of the house so I don’t feel stuck within 4 walls. I do have a clearer path that I want to follow the remainder of this year. I don’t want to jump the gun, but I also don’t want to stop trying. This week I realized how important family members are and how… Read more 71. Weekly Update

70. Random Update

Dear Readers, I’m just writing because I felt like I wanted to write this most random blog ever. It’s 2 am right now. I’m sitting in my pajamas, listening to all my favorite songs. I’m in a really good place right now. I feel no stress what-so-ever. My whole world has gone upside down. I don’t think I would be getting into the college that I really wanted to. I spent like my entire vacation on this, but because of the stupid mistakes I made while attempting those answers, I… Read more 70. Random Update

69. Restocking(!)

Dear readers, This blog is just to restock my assets, see what’s what and how I’m currently feeling. That includes what can be done to improve how I am feeling or what I should avoid doing. Not much is happening with my life. I’m still waiting on those four colleges. For the past month my goals were not met. I was getting irritated with everybody. My friends have started getting placed into different colleges/offices and they’ve already started going for regular classes or to work. I’m not going to lie,… Read more 69. Restocking(!)

68. Dejected

Dear Readers, I don’t know where my head is at. I did move on from the last failure by writing another exam and getting interviewed by another college. I’m awaiting their decision to pick me for their course. I have two other exams next week. One exam sometime mid June. I’m growing more and more anxious. I’m afraid that I’ll never be good enough to get selected for any college. What if I’m not smart? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if I’m just a bull-shitter who’s… Read more 68. Dejected