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Category: Blogs #51-#100

58. Negative Week

Dear readers, I haven’t really been doing justice to the blog. I am having trouble sicking to a schedule and if I’m not completing all the tasks in a said day, I think I’m worthless and I question my self-worth. This week, I had a lot of trouble with my own self. This whole week was me seeking gratification from others because I felt I wasn’t worthy enough. I even thought of stupid horrible things that I thought I’d gotten rid of a long back. But it all came back… Read more 58. Negative Week

57. Lazy Week

Dear Readers, This week I barely went to college. I went to college for 2/4 working days. I didn’t feel like I could bring myself to want to get up and get ready to go to college. It’s hugely monotonous. I went to the gym 1/6 days. It’s not like I did much at home. It’s not like I watched something fun. It’s not like I slept fully. This was an absolute waste of time week. But I’m not cribbing about it. I chose this. I wanted it to be… Read more 57. Lazy Week

56. Afraid: Not Knowing

Dear readers, This week regular classes for my last semester have begun. Things have already started piling up, I need to be on my toes already. I need to also figure out proper time slots and remain organised if I need to get everything done. Not really aiming for getting up at a particular time or sleeping at a particular time, but getting the daily things done is what the overall goal is going to be. This Sunday, I thought I shall speak about fear. Specifically, fear about things I… Read more 56. Afraid: Not Knowing

55. Last Semester Of Bachelors

Dear Readers, This week, I got done with my exams. Hopefully, I clear them all with no arrears. I went out for lunch immediately after my exams were done. One among those lunches wherein the food wasn’t mind-blowing but the company was. This whole week ended with me becoming so lazy so that I barely did anything worthwhile. No, I’m not complaining. Yes, I need to get better. This upcoming week, I will be entering my last semester of B.Sc. Psychology. I need to nail it, this semester. FOCUS. FOCUS.… Read more 55. Last Semester Of Bachelors

54. Lacking Assurance

Dear readers, I had two exams this week. I wrote one really really well and I wrote one so bad that I could possibly fail that paper. I truly hope that doesn’t happen and somehow I scrape through and not break my ‘no arrears’ streak. Let’s see what happens. I don’t know what it is with exams, I’ve never been able to fair well though I know all the concepts conceptually. I need to learn how to get better as it effects my overall score. Sometimes I feel like I’m… Read more 54. Lacking Assurance

53. All or Nothing: Manchester City

Dear readers, This week was considerably a lazy week even though I had one exam. I was supremely tensed for this exam but it went rather well. Again, I can’t disregard the tension, because this tension helped me study better. This weekend went rather really nice. I watched a docu-series on Manchester City (football club) called All or Nothing: Manchester City and I was absolutely mind-blown. Every minute of the episode wanted me to yearn for something better and bigger in my life. This series made me believe that if… Read more 53. All or Nothing: Manchester City

52. Upcoming Exams

Dear readers, This week 4 days were extremely hectic because of a submission that I had to make, one day was extremely fun because I went out (which is also the highlight of this week) and the other two days were the days I was extremely lazy. Did not go to the gym this week regularly. I am not writing my blogs properly. I am not reading. I have started watching TV shows that I intended to , which is a good thing. But now, I’m doing nothing apart from… Read more 52. Upcoming Exams

51. Update

Dear readers, I wasted this week. I spent the entire week focusing on watching a TV show. Though I feel it was unnecessary, I wanted to do it anyway. I went for my first violin class today. I loved it. I love that I’m finally learning an instrument. I have an exam tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well. Nothing else has truly been going on. I’ll write about a particular topic next Sunday, I promise. Hope you all have a great week ahead 😀 Regards, Realistic Beginner.