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42. Update?

Dear readers, This week made me feel like I was getting my life in order because the work that I have been putting in since the start of this semester (June) has started to pay off and I hope it continues. I have gained clarity on what I want to be doing or at least the direction I want to take which is honestly like a weight is lifted off my shoulder. I have exams coming up this week, so I’ll be busy with that. Need to learn to manage… Read more 42. Update?

41. Twenty

Dear readers, This week I turned 20. Birthdays aren’t usually my thing. There are a few bad/unhappy memories attached to my previous birthdays. But this time, a few individuals apart from my family went out of their way to make this birthday pretty darn special. I will always remain grateful for this. Don’t think I would change my perspective on birthdays but it’s good to have a good/happy memory attached to it! I have always been that person that lives in constant fear waiting for something bad to happen. Something… Read more 41. Twenty

40. Acceptance: Life

Dear readers, You want so many things in your life,  You wish you had a million other things, You yearn to own the biggest every thing, You want to be the most knowledgeable person in the room, but, take this “want” out. The “want” that motivates you to do better in life, The “want” that should be present in every individual, just for a moment. You’ll realise, in that very moment: Your life is pretty sorted. Hope you find solace in this thought and accept your life for what it… Read more 40. Acceptance: Life

39. Words #1

Dear readers, Loyalty. Loyalty is my favourite word. If I were to ever get a tattoo of a word on my body, it would be of the word “loyalty”. Loyalty always comes first for me, though it is temporary. Loyalty can last for a day, for a week, for a month, for a quarter, for a year, for several years. In rare cases, even for a lifetime. You cannot buy my loyalty or seek for my loyalty. My work and actions will tell you clearly how loyal I am to… Read more 39. Words #1

38. Need For Structure

Dear readers, I feel like I have so much to say but nothing too trivial. I have had a lot of work, this week. Under a lot of emotional strain mainly from procrastinating until the very end when the panic monster wakes up. Emotionally this week seemed uninteresting and dull. Mainly the people who I got surrounded with were very negative about their life and that affected me. I also got affected by a lot of insignificant things because I was afraid that I was going back to my “shell”.… Read more 38. Need For Structure

37. Core

Dear readers, This week I thought I shall talk about something that nobody truly knows about me. One among the biggest reasons I fear getting close to someone is because I have separation anxiety. Everybody fears losing people. Nobody likes to watch people go, to be honest. But, what I have is different. I have a condition called Separation Anxiety. So, let me explain further. As a child, I would easily get attached to people. For example, say guests (family/friends) who would come home to stay for a few days… Read more 37. Core

36. Loss Of Appetite

Dear readers, One among my biggest concerns for the past few weeks has been my eating problem which gradually has come down to me eating one meal a day. I used to be a girl who could eat an entire medium base pizza with coke. Which slowly reduced to only being able to eat half a medium base pizza (this was in May). Which came down to eating one whole small base pizza. This week I could hardly eat two slices of a small base pizza. Hence my eating problem.… Read more 36. Loss Of Appetite

35. Introspective Sunday

Dear readers, She sat there in her pink shorts and black tank-top, listening to music and sharing memes and some intellectual things written by other beautiful writers online with her family and friends also mildly questioning her existence because she wasted almost the entire day. Loves listening to other people because it always gives her different perspective on various things in life. Maybe that’s why she never judges anyone. All she sometimes aims to do is get people talking and then she’s set for a beautiful conversation ahead. She barely… Read more 35. Introspective Sunday