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78. Exam Week

Dear readers, This week is definitely THE MOST HECTIC WEEK of my life. I had 5 back to back exams from Monday to Friday. I had so much to study and revise and so little time. But I’m considering this semester as my trial semester and now I know how I should study and prepare for the next semester. So literally nothing happened apart from sleeping for like 2-3 hours of sleep, surviving on several cans of redbull and studying. It was a completely different experience because for all my… Read more 78. Exam Week

77. December’19

Dear Readers, It’s been a while since I have come online and blogged about my life. This whole year has been a lot shitty but I have learnt so much and I have accepted so much. And maybe since I am going to be done with 2019 soon and maybe because I do see a future and have plans for the future, I have started feeling a little positive and it’s making me a lot more excited that I have ever been this entire year. As far as blogging is… Read more 77. December’19

76. Update

Dear Readers, Today is the November 5th (Tuesday). After I recovered from my illness and went back to college, I had a mountain of work pending for me, with back to back exams. I was so stressed that I almost fell ill again. I had recurring fever every now and then, as well. I eventually managed to write all my exams and complete all my assignments on time. I did not write most of those papers as well as I wanted to. One paper in particular, I wrote horribly. But… Read more 76. Update