24. Routines

Dear readers,

I have my exams going on. Not going to lie, I’m not fully focused. I’m still entertaining myself even without finishing my syllabus. You’ll be like we’ve all been there. But no, trust me when I say this, I procrastinate and not at the normal rate. I have a difficult exam tomorrow and I haven’t touched my book, yet. I’ll be starting after publishing this blog. I’m not saying this to boast, but in the end I almost always manage to pass. I have literally passed one among the most difficult subjects last semester, with literally just 2 hours of studying. I thought I will have to repeat that paper again, but I passed that paper with a B. So, one would ask, why don’t you study for four more hours and get an O, which is the highest rank? Well the panic monkey in my brain doesn’t wake up early. It wakes only when it is very very close to the exam or the deadline.

One among the things I find extremely difficult to do is have a fixed routine. Especially during exams. People who wake up at the same time and sleep at the same time, I can never understand how you guys do it, and in a way I envy you for doing it. Because even if I try I can never bring myself to a routine. I’ll tell you why I never have a proper routine. A major reason is I don’t have a fixed sleeping pattern. I can sleep for 12 hours straight and I can also survive with no sleep for 36 hours. Because, since I procrastinate, most of the times, I have to stay up completing whatever I didn’t complete. Otherwise I’m watching something on the TV, laptop or the phone. It may sound like I’m making excuses, but it’s true. I don’t have a fixed sleeping pattern.

I don’t think I’m that girl who’s made for having a fixed pattern, to be blunt. I love variations. I hate things being the same way. But, it should be at my own pace. But, I feel like I waste a lot of time sleeping. I feel that it’s okay to not have a fixed sleeping pattern, but I should concise it to at least 6-7 hours and not more than that. I sleep for more hours than required, which I should avoid doing. How I can try curbing that, is by actually forcing myself to do something other than sleep. Something that I can’t make excuses for.

I can never see myself following a single routine. And when that day comes, I’ll be in utter shock. Not being dramatic. Which is why sometimes, I don’t think I would do good at a proper 9-5 job. Because I don’t see myself following a monotonous routine. I find my 1-6 college timings pretty monotonous. I’ll have to look for a job that changes and doesn’t have a fixed routine or I must find a way to be okay with routines and deal with them better. It’s not that complicated, to have a fixed routine. But, I’m not trying to break it, because I love not having a fixed pattern.

I am so happy my exams are getting over. I have so much that I want to do during this two month break. And I hope I don’t waste my time only entertaining myself. I don’t hope for a fixed routine, but I want to do something valuable with my time. And let me also put it out there, that I don’t hate routines. It’s just that I don’t function well with a fixed routine. Do you also have any problems with routines? If yes, how have you tackled them or how do you plan on tackling them? Hope you all have a great week ahead.

Realistic Beginner.


  1. I’m kinda the same way in the sense that I’m not really a fan of fixed routines or fixed ways of being. Like just because everyone else lives a certain way doesn’t mean I’ve gotta board that train too, if that makes sense. So hey if you’re able to make yourself a life where you can have all the fun and freedom to create your own random routine then more power to you 😀 in the meantime hope your exams went well and have a great holiday!

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  2. I feel like I am a procastination slave. I always end up putting things until last minute and wished I didn’t. I need a constant nudge, motivation. I hope I get rid of it soon

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  3. It’s the worst feeling ever: I HAVE A DEADLINE I SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING BY NOW GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO START and then everything kinda works out, but if it didn’t you would feel like crap – is there some help to our procrastination pattern? I totally feel you…

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  4. I hope your exam goes well! How I have previously/intend to tackle and implement hard routines is gradualism! Slowly start small and set realistic goals 🙂 as I achieve more and more I gain the confidence that I can do more and eventually I succeed! (Well, most of the time at least. Not everytime HAHA)

    Wish you all the best, sounds like we’ve got monkey brains from the same tribe 😂

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