4. Great Mood

Dear readers,

Recently, I have been in a great mood. I can’t say I don’t know how, because I do. I just made changes that were necessary which ended with me being confident, which eventually put me in a great mood. Like, I started detaching myself from people and things that brought negativity. I started concentrating more on my college work. Tried to remove the ‘My College is annoying’ attitude and tried to look at it from a different perspective.

I also engaged in extra-curricular activities, a lot. And once I started getting positive feedback, I got more involved in them. Like, I won second place for filming and editing a short film. I had this online learning international session with this girl from UK and participated in many other events. All these were nerve-wracking incidents but I’m happy I did everything because I loved the feedback I was getting, I also put myself out of my comfort zone and I learnt a lot from it. So, it was a win-win.

I started working out, regularly. I tried to be more social and come out of my shell.Β I concentrated on my studies, I made sure I was studying then and there and not pushing it to the last moment. I have been reading a lot, which is interesting as I’m learning a lot. I’ve been eating well, and not just surviving on junk food. I still eat everything, but the quantity of junk food has considerably reduced, where I can finally call it healthy.

So yeah, after consciously making all the changes, now that I have started seeing results, I like it. And these results did not happen overnight, it took me 5 months to see proper evident changes. I like who I am turning into. I have now, got this “no bullshit” attitude which makes me not overthink too much. I still overthink everything. I overthink in the positive aspect and in a positive manner.

But this does not mean that, I am always in a great mood. No, I have had days where I don’t feel so positive. And those are the days where I can just sit down with my thoughts, which I always loved doing. Sometimes, I just wanted to give up on all the progress I made and just go back into my shell. But, when I deleted all my blogs, I promised myself that I would not give up on me. I wanted to start fresh. And I believed that I needed a fresh start. Though silly, but deleting all the blogs that I worked so hard on, made me sad, yes, but it also gave me a motivation to start fresh and tell people that conscious efforts to change eventually does add up to something. And I just wanted to do better and truly live. Not just survive.

Yes, I still struggle with a lot of things, like social anxiety, having to constantly remind myself to workout, to eat healthy and study. But I don’t mind it. It is because in the end, I am happy. I am doing something that I want to, and a little push and a reminder is okay. I’m having a lot of healthy discussions and I’m planning for the future. Which seems so far away, but I assure you, it isn’t. But, more than planning for the future, my immediate and important priority is to live and really live in the present. I’m having a great day. Let me know what your thoughts on this blog are in the comment section below and also, please like and share.

Realistic Beginner.


  1. I did that once. i went down the depression hole when when i first became blind. sympathy wasn’t helping me, so i did a major change in my life. i moved away, met new people, began doing things differently. i left my entire prior life behind. i admit at the time i did all that i wasn’t thinking about needing a changee – i didn’t even stop to consider the fact that i was depressed until later, when i realized i missed laughing. i am back to the place i had first left, but no longer depressed or feeling low. And yes, studying and work outs actually makes you feel good. good luck.

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