Howdy everybody!

There can be three reasons why you landed on this instagram page. One, you know who I am and you wanted to read more about my life. Two, you’re a fellow blogger who stumbled upon my blog. Three, you landed on this page by accident which will only makes this is awkward. Whatever your reason is, you’ve just stumbled upon a blog of a 21 y/o lass who tries to be realistic and is a beginner at everything in life.

Who am I?

Well, if you want to the rosy picture: I have an amazing life. I surround myself amongst a close circle of dear family members and very other few honest people and loads of meme friends. I have an above average IQ. I have learnt a lot from all the shows I have watched and the books I’ve read. In a lot of ways, I’ve been over-pampered and I consider myself extremely privileged. I absolutely love writing. I find truthful, to the point and loyal people sexually attractive. I have not been the most consistent reader but I truly hope that that changes with time. I am honest, dedicated, loyal, a hard worker and I will do anything for the people I love.

If you are one among the people who likes reading the hard truth then I’m one among the most vulnerable person you’ll ever meet. I’m anxious most of the time. I give up easily. I can’t make many friends. I can’t ever deal with bullshit. I often have difficulty understanding what people want or need because quite often they don’t tell what they really want and I’m supposed to guess what they want (which sometimes is the complete opposite of what they said they want). And lastly, I can’t let go of things.

Well this is about me. For (almost) weekly blogs, please check my personal blog. My email is also put up in case you wish to contact me. The links are in my bio. Please do like, share and follow.

Realistic Beginner.